Thinking of booking a Maternity and Newborn Shoot? What to expect?

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When you are thinking about booking a maternity and newborn shoot, you will have questions about what to expect.  Here I aim to provide you with a quick insight.

In the comfort of my studio you will have use of my beautiful outfits, whether they be stunning maternity gowns or teeny tiny newborn bonnets or knitted outfits.

Photographers who offer newborn photography should always have been trained. You can rest assured that I have undertaken training with one of the country’s top newborn trainers to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe, enabling me to capture stunning photos while they are in this newborn stage of their new lives. Even after a few weeks you will notice the differences and will be even more relieved you booked your photoshoot to record these precious memories.

You have a choice of different styles of photo shoots with various prices and discounts. The maternity shoot can be on your own or with your partner or other children. The newborn shoots come in a variety of different lengths of time and you have the option to have a parent/sibling & baby shoot if you wish, or showcase your new bundle in natural sleepy or awake poses on a comfy bed or in a beautiful rustic basket.

When you arrive for your newborn shoot, you and your partner can relax while I take the photos.  Ideally baby will have been fed before you arrive at the studio.  Again, ideally, they will be awake on arrival and will be eager for a quick top-up of milk before falling asleep for the photos.  My aim is to get as many poses and outfit changes as possible within the timeframe as I want to provide you with a beautiful portfolio of images to choose from and fill you and your relatives homes with.   Yes baby will talk to us about not wanting to be changed and may decide they need a nappy change and more milk and we will listen to them!  A happy baby equals gorgeous photos!   Some of the photos will be with the baby in their skin and as such the studio will be heated to create a comfortable environment for them.  This will mean it is hot for us and I suggest you wear layers so you also remain comfortable!  

After the photoshoot you can view and choose your images in the comfort of your own home in your own password protected gallery on my website.  Please allow at least 14 days for the photos to be edited, however, generally they will be ready a lot earlier.    There are x3 photo packages to choose from which each include a wide variety of prints and products depending on your budget and how & where the images will be displayed.

Once your order has been placed, the products will be professionally printed at a photographic lab. I will then invite you back to the studio once the products have been sent to me for you to view and take home.

I cannot wait to meet you before and after your baby is born!

Booking a Studio Shoot – What to expect?

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I can bring my studio to you and set up the studio shoot in the comfort of your own home or you are very welcome to come to my studio.   The ‘set up’ consists of a patterned backdrop (you can choose from over 10 designs) and two studio lights using umbrellas to spread / reflect the light evenly.  Studio lighting is so photographers have control over the light and gives you the professional image you are paying for.

What clothes should the models wear?  If the child is being photographed on their own, you have the freedom to choose colours and styles.  Have an idea who the photos are for; if they will be framed on the wall and if so what your home decor and colour themes are.

For siblings, I would always recommend the same style of clothes but not necessarily the same colours.  So if both boys are wearing shirts, tie and smart trousers, they can be different colours.  But always try and ensure the colours compliment each other.  An example of complimentary colours are ‘autumn’ colours:  browns, beige, green, dark orange, cream.

Bare feet on little ones look very cute in photos and I would suggest bare feet over socks.  Shoes and boots are lovely if clean – the camera will pick up dirty shoes.   Stickers and tattoo transfers would ideally be removed before the shoot as well as distinctive watches, hairbands on wrists etc.  I can help you with this when you arrive.


Once the studio has been set up and you or your little one’s are ready for photos, I will start positioning the model/s.   Sometimes with younger children it is a good idea for mum or dad to sit to the side, ready to leap into action if the model decides to run off or crawl away!    I will turn into a ‘party entertainer’ for the duration of the photo shoot ensuring I capture natural laughing images of your child.

Depending on the photo shoot booked and the age of the child/children, we may have time for a change of outfits, a change of backdrops and change of props.  We will discuss this during the studio shoot but I will fit in as much into the session as I can to give you a complete photo experience and enable your gallery to be full to the brim of a large variety of images.

Safety During a Studio Shoot:  The lights are plugged into electricity and get very hot so safety is always an extremely high priority.  I will tape the leads down to prevent trips and encourage parents to ensure their little ones don’t hold onto, walk into or trip over the light stands.  Please note that the backdrop is attached to a metal stand and taped along the floor.  Young children are often fooled by the patterns thinking it is a solid wall to lean on.  I therefore encourage parents to try and prevent their child leaning on the backdrop as no one wants an accident to happen.


MODEL PORTFOLIO CALL:  If you are attending a MODEL shoot, this is to help me practice new ideas, get images of new backdrops or props, add to my portfolio and create images that can be used on marketing and advertising material.  Such model calls will be a short Mini shoot, (please click this link to my Mini Shoot Blog).  In return for you are giving me authority to use the images for advertising and marketing purposes, the studio shoot will be free, PLUS I will give you a number of images FREE as an added thank you and you have the option to purchase more images from your gallery.

CAKE SMASH:  This studio shoot is so much fun!  How often do we allow our little ones complete access to an entire iced birthday cake?  The images captured are just so lovely as you watch your child get messy with fingers or licking icing off a wooden spoon; grabbing bits of cake and some even going head-first into the icing!   Cake Smash shoots are traditionally for the 1st Birthday however they are just as perfect for 2nd, 3rd and even 21st, 30th or 40th birthdays!!!   Such fun and a great way to remember those precious years.

MINI PHOTO SHOOT:  A mini photo shoot refers to the length of time of the session and is an affordable way to receive professional image.  I will set up a backdrop and book models throughout the day and by not changing the backdrop each time, I am able to reduce the cost of the session.  Full details of what to expect from a Mini Shoot can be found in my blog by clicking this link.


Photo shoots can be a fun crazy noisy time but there are moments when your little one may be tired or just fed up at being photographed.   That’s totally fine and as no one wants a photo of someone upset or crying, we can take a short break and try again in few moments.  Oh and talking of no photos, please do not take photos of any kind during a studio shoot unless we have discussed it beforehand.  Thank you.


I have years of experience photographing children of all ages and to be honest, those parents who say their child never smiles at the camera just makes it a challenge for me to get the shot!  Please read my reviews on my facebook page – I have a knack of getting that smile!     If they won’t smile, should you tell them to or say cheese?   I encourage parents not to mention the word ‘smile’ during the shoot if a child seems to be being stubborn.  I will get there, don’t worry!   Another reason not to ask them to smile is because some children will do a ‘fake’ smile.  I find that the best photos are where the child is laughing or smiling naturally so have faith in my techniques at getting that grin!


You will be given a ‘password card’ which you need to keep safe.   Use the password to gain access to a photo album on my website in the Client Area.   In your album you can browse your images and choose which format you wish to receive them in, such as prints, digital downloads, canvas or on a USB.  Click here for USB orders and details.

If you have any queries about a studio shoot please get in touch.


Mini Photo Shoot

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Mini Photo Shoot – how does it differ to a normal shoot?

‘Mini’ refers to the length of time of the shoot.  Where I set up an indoor studio mini photo shoot, I put up one backdrop to use for everyone’s shoots thus saving me a great amount of time meaning I am able to reduce the cost of the session.   The mini photo shoot session last approx. 20 mins producing at least 15 images in a variety of poses.

Themed Mini Photo Shoot sessions:   Christmas and Easter means we can have some fun and attempt to include accessories i.e. santa hat, reindeer antlers, bunny ears etc…  I also have a large selection of general accessories /  fancy dress outfits from bow ties, skirts, flower headbands to hats and cute caps.


Where is the studio based?

Chelmsford, Essex, UK.  Parking is on a public road and is free.  The studio is a home-based studio and space is limited to the model/s and a maximum of x2 grownups.

How Many models can attend a mini photo shoot session?

Due to the length of time and my promise to you to create as many beautiful photos as possible, I limit the number of models to x3 siblings per mini photo shoot.    If there are more than three, I strongly recommend that x2 mini photo shoot sessions ‘back to back’.  This will give you the full range of images, however if you wish to stick to the one mini photo shoot that is fine so long as you understand I will only have time to create photos of the whole group.  (With 3 or less children I would photograph them separately as well as together).

One family per mini photo shoot session.   If you are coming with cousins or friends, I am afraid they will need to have booked their own separate mini-shoot but feel free to book them back to back if you wish to  have x1 group photo all together.

If you would rather book a full 45 minute or 1 hour photo shoot instead of a mini photo shoot, please go to the Prices page in my website for full details.   Book here:  Contact Michelle

What Age can the Models Be?

Due to the length of time of the mini photo shoot, the older the child the more images will be taken in the most varied number of poses.  This is purely down to older children being able to pose themselves from verbal instructions.  For the younger children, a parents hand is always helpful to guide them into the best position and to prevent any escapees who may crawl or run off!  For babies that cannot yet sit up independently, I have a variety of props we can use to create the photos.  This will take more time though and will result in less photos being taken in the time available.

Newborn babies – Unless an older sibling is very capable of holding their newborn brother or sister, or the newborn is coming on their own to the shoot, I’m afraid a mini-shoot may not be suitable this time.  Head to my prices page for full details on booking an hour long shoot where we would have more time to pose baby and younger siblings.

Parents can of course be in the photos too – a maximum of x2 parents plus children please due to the space available.  For a larger family photo shoot, please head to the prices page in this website for full details on booking an hour long photo shoot where we would have more options to cater your needs.

Terms & Conditions:

The mini shoots are being held at my home studio and the number of appointments available are limited.  As such I need to ensure models who book their appointment attend.  In the past I have found the best way to ensure this happens is to receive the Session Fee paid in advance & is non-refundable. Contact me for methods of payment.

Occasionally I use images from mini photo shoots as examples of my work to show potential customers on my website or facebook page.   Please confirm in writing if this is not permitted.  No names are used against the images used so no-one will know who the child is.

Please do no take photos during the photo shoot unless you have spoken to me in advance, thank you.

What happens after the mini photo shoot? 

Please give me a minimum of 1 week to edit your images and create the photo albums on my website.

I will provide you with a password so you can gain access to your photo album found on my website in the ‘Client Area’.  Here you will find all the fully edited images from your mini shoot.  Viewing on a phone?  click the image of the shopping cart to view the products. Viewing on a computer or laptop, use the drop down menu below the image to view the products.    All prints and products are processed at a professional printing lab who will deal with your order.   For those of you ordering digital images, these files will be sent to you in an email on the day they are ordered & paid for.  You can then click on the link in the email and save the images to your computer.

Shall I order the physical Print or the Digital File?

All printed images are processed by a professional printing company guaranteeing quality of product, print, colour & clarity.   Once you have the physical image please note that it is against copyright law to take a copy of this image.    If you purchase the digital file, you can make as many copies as you like!   For a Christmas Mini for example, you may choose to create Christmas cards from your images; email images to friends & family and of course upload them onto social media sites.   The options are endless!    However, I cannot be held responsible for the quality of the prints you make from the digital file.

When will I receive my printed products?

The products will arrive within x1 week from the order date, however, for Christmas mini’s, the closer to Christmas that you place your order, this time may be longer.

What to expect during a photo shoot?

I have written a separate BLOG on my website providing even more information.  Please have a quick read and if you have any further questions simply get in touch.



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