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Christmas  !

Christmas seems to arrive earlier every year…  And I even found myself thinking about it in the August summer holidays !  I know…

Christmas Mini Shoots

Holding studio mini-shoots is a quick way for me to offer affordable themed photo shoots to lots of customers.   They are mini because they are short 20 minute sessions.  I am able to charge less as I choose the set up, props & backdrop and hold them on the same day, thus saving me time.

Easter and Christmas are popular times of year however I generally hold mini-shoots all year round for some reason or another

Christmas 2017

My Christmas minimagic, xmas magic, christmas magic-shoots for 2017 were in my studio but with a Winter Wonderland snowy woodland theme as you can see from these photos.

They were really popular but I found that any children not wrapped up warm, looked out of place sitting in ‘snow’.

snow, white, winter, winter wonderland, christmas mini, xmas mini   

Christmas 2018

Therefore this year I wanted to do an ‘indoor’ Christmas set up and based it around my favourite brown distressed backdrop  and my beautiful child’s Victorian chair.

distresed backdrop, photo backdrop, studio backdrop

It gave an old fashioned feel so I carried on adding wooden crates, boxes, suitcases and baskets that I have naturally acquired over the years.  I built a ‘room’ around the chair.   I bought a gold glass lantern and found some stunning wooden Christmas Trees.  The trees are made of curled birch and another pair of trees made from brown and gold feathers.   My miniature wooden sledge from last year perched at the back for my old teddy to sit upon.  That and a rustic shabby chic wooden ‘Christmas’ sign hanging from the crate in the background finished off the look.

I also have acquired a selection of dresses and smart trousers, waist coats and shirts for the children to borrow if they don’t already have Christmas outfits and I lend them  Santa hats and an array of hand crafted stockings to hold during the photos.

Models Wanted

Planning all this while the hot August sun was shining outside was rather weird.  But I needed to order my Christmas trees via the internet in advance and test out my Christmas Scene with some models before being able to start advertising the mini-shoot sessions.  So all in all I was glad I was organised and handed left it till the end of September or even longer.

xmas, christmas, xmas mini shoots, christmas mini shootsI was inundated with applicants as I put out an advert asking for models and picked 4 families

out of a hat who kindly acted as my guinea pigs ensuring the lighting worked with the set up

and I was able to decide which seats to use for siblings when the Victorian chair wasn’t big enough.

Then once home, I had a few weeks to decide on my editing style and how magical to make the pictures.




Christmas Wall Art – All year round ?

Taking themed photos can be tricky as I ideally create photo art for families to display all year round.  But you may be like me and forget to take your Christmas themed pictures down in January.   This year, one of the models mum’s told me she is going to turn her photos into Christmas Cards.  This is achieved by customers purchasing the digital JPEG file.  I thought was a fantastic idea and mention this to parents booking in case they choose this way to share the images with their family and friends.

A touch of Christmas Magic

I want the magic of Christmas to come across in my finished art work.   Therefore I have been taking photos of the children holding the empty lantern but setting the scene for them that I’ll be lighting the lantern in their photos.   We told the youngest children to look inside for fairies so I  was able to capture the wonder on their faces.

Also by asking; ” what’s inside the stocking? ” is another way I created awe and wonder.   xmas, christmas, xmas mini shoot, christmas mini shoot

Then with the help of Adobe Photoshop     I add light to the lantern, casting a warm glow

onto the children and for the stockings I add a blast of magical sparkles bursting out.






All in all it’s been a true pleasure taking and editing this years Christmas mini-shoot photos. I cannot wait to take the rest of the photo shoots and edit even more

families pictures over the next month!    To book yours, click here to get in touch

christmas, christmas 2018, mini shoots 2018, xmas mini shoots

What will Christmas 2019 hold?  ….   watch this space!

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